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Whispers I think u mean “Vi’s Raven more like Vi what are u doin??? STOP THAT”

remember my last post was Raven spying on babes in Athena Pierce’s tree… house… thing… in henesys

Discover the Mt Temza. II ellemel-mata and shades-of-orchid


She won’t move to avoid disturbing Yuri’s concentration against the opponent. Perhaps if she will… Give a bit of her power to him? Like a light bonus to take over an inconsiderable advantage to twist up the situation while Yuri will bring his most poweferful arte. A plan concocted rapidly without including consquences though Elle placed her confidences and hopes to the violet swordwman. Nodding to her own statement Elle lock her gaze above Yuri, stuck on the main ennemy of these both persons. Her father prohibited certainly her little daughter jumping off into a trouble nonetheless renouncing to aiding a companion suffering difficulties is a enough outlook to push Elle in her last corner of nerves. Feeling her brow twitch Elle held her pocket watch, closing an eye as a step was paid forward despite a barrier of haze.

Out of question to give up, pushing off her hopes for Yuri. He saved her from a fatal crash, comfort her as a big brother.. Like a father. For him, she is going to pay off her debt and help him. No matter if someone whom use her power create a elusive tingling onto her neck.. Braveness pat both shoulders to support her along. Gasping before swallowing some saliva the little blonde-haired girl change a position, cocking voluntary her body and sped off along the spot. Eluding off earthquakes under shoes, nothing can slash a determined will which already took a choice. The choice to run forward and seeking a spot of light before catching a sleeve and help the person who engaged a battle. Voice preserved into the deepest part of throat the previous shout was only a fear about the fog wrapping a large zone of the area.

Voice preserved into the deepest part of throat the previous shout was only a fear about the fog wrapping a large zone of the area. As soon as the fog sneak off Elle’s eyes perceive Yuri crossing his blade into the monster. Wasn’t a murmur told to her to stepping back and letting adults handle everything? A whisper protecting her life, like to say ‘Don’t get yourself into dangers’. Beyond heavens the bird is willing to kill, destroy everything around including humans. As to do a protection for her mouth Elle heard easily Yuri voice called out from her. Now it’s the timing to give a final boost on feet.


Yuriiiiiiiiii —!”

More. More centimeters to reach out and be close enough of Yuri. Purpose carried out, Elle was wrapped against the adult who swore to protect her. Blinking first, she moves one hand to touch her golden watch. “If you want to be more strong.. Take into your hand Papa’s watch.” Stuttered a fragile voice, a bluish look crossing another one.

A feeling of security seemed to envelop the two as they remained in an embrace of protection for a moment, its supposed length betraying the actual time passed. However, even with Elle safely within reach, Yuri knew not to exhale just yet, his senses working meticulously in order to detect any further movement as he simultaneously wrapped a comforting strength around himself and his important burden, his confidence having taken no hits so long as he would still remain rooted on his feet.

Everything seemingly silenced around them at the sound of Elle’s voice, forcing Yuri’s eyes wide open as they searched for the object of mention, locking onto a watch he had laid his eyes on prior to this predicament. A curiosity had been ignited, if a rather subtle, insignificant one, but there had been an interest nonetheless. A tilt of a head and a slight will to know, followed by an inner reprimand, while at the heart still lackadaisical, telling him not to pry unless a suitable opportunity would present itself. It would seem as if this moment was right now dancing into Yuri’s grasp, only not in a manner he had anticipated. Furrowing his brows, those eyes of ashen perception flicked back to those of Elle’s, a questioning glare residing in them.

Their moment was interrupted by a loud shriek, parts of the wall crumbling down to the grounds below as the creature pulled itself away from its rocky prison to exact revenge on the person leading it there. As it flew, its wings didn’t seem to coordinate properly, suggesting that it had been struck rather significantly on the head during the crash. It could be permanent, but it could also be a momentary dizziness - either way, it would be a poor turnout if it was sent tumbling straight towards the town, and so this would need to be ended swiftly. Even so, Yuri didn’t consider underestimating the aevial monster. In fact, in this condition, it might be even more dangerous - unpredictable and savage.

Turning his attention back to the little girl, Yuri made the decision to trust her word, even if he couldn’t completely wrap his head around the meaning. If Elle said it would make him stronger, then surely it would, but it wasn’t up to him to decipher in what way this strength would present itself, nor was he in any position to beg for a preferable outcome. No, if one wanted a path, one would have to carve it oneself.

The youth softly placed his hand on the watch, the wind tugging at his hair and attire as he carried his focus steadier than nature’s whispers and kept a solid caution to his touch.

"Like this?" he breathed, their voices only audible to the two of them, as he wrapped his fingers around Elle’s watch, unsure what it would bring.


I love the Tales of fandom, and you’ve all been so nice and welcoming over the time I’ve been here. But at the same time, I can’t help but wonder if you all would be alright without me. If I were to vanish, no one would notice. I guess the only thing keeping me from deleting any account is the lingering hope that someone needs me as much as I need them. Bit so far, it’s just a little hope, and even that is slowly dwindling down to nothing. So I just watch, and wait. Maybe someday…




Eyes of gray wavered away from the interloper momentarily, shifting all attention back to her current vocation; whether or not he took heed— or even heard— her verbal disruption was of no matter at the moment. However, when the young woman did so, the moving trail of incongruity on the ground came to a halt. A lapse of thoughts circulated warily on the blonde-crowned head for a brief moment, and she paused on cue. There was a hint of anxiety on her face as she stood there, for even as the air now fell silent, there was still a redundancy of hostility floating about. 

In an instant, after appearing as if though she had an epiphany, the girl sprinted off, apparently devoid of an idea of where to go, although even if that was so, she felt accomplished with her aimless running. The liquid substance dripping off from the fibers of the improbable weapon the girl carried as she made her way, the swift motion of the feet in coordination with her body gave off the idea that she was fleeing, yet it seemed that she had no intention of disappearing from the battleground. She kept on coursing through the plains, the hat recoiling along her movements, now with another ulterior motive in hand. 


Seeing as the newcomer didn’t have much of a response, a new approach decided to be made. The moment that the distance between the two figures shortened, she came to a pause herself, yet it was rather obvious from her light bouncing that she wasn’t determined to remain in such a state for long.

“Didn’t you hear me!?” An unoccupied hand waved fumblingly as she vociferated, securing what little space between them dubiously wide for reasons only she could understand. “Move! You’ll get hurt!” 

Of course then, was he not to abide to her words the second time, any injuries he may receive thereafter was none of her responsibility. She was by no means a healer, and her repertoire of consumables were running low. 

After moving her concentration once again to the dire situation she was in— and the man was ostensibly unaware of— the light shaking of the earth deprived her of any trail of thought, nearly loosing her balance. She was able to stay upright due to the responsive usage of the giant brush as a balancing material. Immediately she dashed off once again away from her current standpoint, partially hoping for the other to take into account what she just said.

While Yuri hadn’t particularly disregarded the stranger’s warning, his suspiscions somewhat confirmed and his senses tensing at the mention, his first impulse was not to turn tail and run, but he would consider moving out of the way in order to give room and keep an eye on their surroundings, analyzing his observations in peace and still possessing the opportunity to pull himself back in if needed. He was a confident man, but not so blindly that he would fling himself into an unfamiliar situation without a sliver of pre-attained knowledge.

Either way, there was no room for contemplation as the disrupted movement subsided abruptly, giving pause but also urged further focus. Orbs of grey journeyed to the young woman, attempting to grasp the concept of this encounter, but Yuri found no answers as of yet, as the odd perception of hostility continued tugging at the back of his neck. As this girl appeared to know more of what was going on than Yuri did, however, taking any alterations in expression or tension on her side into consideration would serve to be more beneficial than standing around in confusion.

Then as if fired from a tightly-strung bow, she sprinted off, leaving Yuri to interpret her actions as he pleased. Nearing him now with tremendous speed for her physique, another warning sounded, the only reaction given from the receiving end being a slight twitch of his eye. Curiosity was ignited within. Whether the other’s eye had discerned a man of talent on the battlefield, or a simple civilian, was of no matter - she obviously knew a lot more about what was playing out before them, and so there was no way for Yuri to learn and be sated, lest he act as requested and see for himself. And so he removed the obstruction that was himself in an alacritous motion, keeping himself moving but close enough to carry a clear view.


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Returning to Zaphias was… Relieving, to say the least.

Being here as a person of her own free will was a lot different than being here as a princess. She didn’t have to worry about being brought back to the castle against her will and having to live her life by the rules of the empire. Though, the capital was destined for change now that Master Ioder was emperor— Estelle was sure that he would do wonderful things in the throne and help the capital change from its blastia dependent ways. 

In fact, Estelle was planning on helping, too. She didn’t exactly know how to just yet, but she was determined. At first she thought that maybe she could find Flynn, and together they would figure something out. But he was the Commandant, now, and chances were he was extremely busy with cleaning up Alexei’s mess. She’d rather wait and let him figure things out before bothering him. After all, she wasn’t a noble or anything anymore, so it wasn’t like the knight could drop everything for her.

Instead, Estelle found herself near the lower quarter. She’d only been here once, when she and Repede found Yuri again after he’d gotten injured and fell from Zaude. Even then she hadn’t seen much. But now, after all its destruction, it looked as though it needed some help being repaired. With her hands clasped to her chest, Estelle decided that this was what she wanted to do to help. 


Would they let her help, though? Even if she was no longer a noble, she’d still been in the castle when things were going poorly for these people. She could’ve helped back then, but she didn’t. If the people of the lower quarter had something against the nobles, Estelle didn’t blame them. It wasn’t like she’d grown up here like Flynn, and everyone knew her— Chances were, if she went down there she’d get some strange looks.

But she wasn’t going to back down. Sheer determination stomped over whatever doubts she had, and she took a moment to compose herself, hands now balled into fists at her side. Maybe if she found Hank, he’d be able to help her get started.  With a swift nod to herself, she entered the lower quarter.

The curtain had dropped with sufficiency. It was now up to the people remaining, in the midst of a gap of perpetuating ciphers, to point out a suitable figure to carry the name tag of “hero”. The word itself was but only a word, lacking in meaning and depth, clad in integrity for the sake of faith. Once peace would come rushing back into the restoration of what had been lost, the typical hero would be cast aside, rather than holding the title as their occupation, a mantle of symbolism. Revered for decency’s sake, but simultaneously placed upon the altar of expectation. It honestly made the whole thing so much simpler when it didn’t boil down to it being somebody’s job.

Yuri Lowell didn’t often find himself reflecting on such matters. But perched on the window of the lower quarter inn’s second floor, his left leg casually hanging down from the window sill, the young vigilante encountered a variety of returning thoughts as he watched the progressions beneath. The genuine spirit of the citizen’s he had come to consider his responsibility, although entirely self-proclaimed, shone through even in the toughest of times, and in a time of change such as this, harder still they fought. As if pushing triangles through circle sockets, errors continued to get in their faces, and it either made them use their heads in order to somehow nudge the shape in, or they forced it inside altogether. Whichever the case, they saw to it that anything that would get in their way, would wave the white flag eventually. 

Alternating between observing and actually giving them a hand, Yuri now kept his watchful eye on how nicely everything was coming along. It would take quite some time before everyone would be able to settle into their new lives, what with all the changes to the world as they’d known it, but as long as they kept having faith in their abilities and each other, these people could conquer anything. Perhaps some would call it ridiculous to place so much seemingly blinded belief in them, and it wasn’t as if Yuri never doubted or was overcome with concern. But with optimism in one’s steps, along with a security radiating from within, pulling oneself up after a fall was a much more attainable feat.

Resuming the assistance now, however, Yuri slid down from his comfortable spot in the sun, catching the drop with his right foot and left knee, softening the fall further with one of his hands. It appeared he had startled someone below with this characteristically sudden appearance, resulting in a lighthearted scolding.


With purpose, Yuri moved up to the square, ashen eyes scanning for someone who might need him. It didn’t take long for his steps to halt as his vision caught something he hadn’t quite expected, the pink hair unmistakable even from far away.

His lips curled upwards into a lackadaisical smile, as Yuri raised one hand to direct the young lady’s attention.

"Estelle! Hey!" he shouted her way.

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Yuri said nothing. It was apparent to Estelle that her words were doing something, but she wasn’t exactly sure how much they were getting through. At the very least, Yuri seemed calmer than he had been. At such a close distance, he hadn’t reached out to attack her yet, which was positive, but there was still a chance that he could snap back at any moment.

However, when Yuri looked back up at Estelle, and their eyes met, the princess could feel a great sense of relief, as if it shot through Yuri and straight into herself. His eyes… they looked normal once more.


Despite the lingering fear Estelle had for her well being, to see the true Yuri shine through after such an episode was enough to make her smile… And she did exactly that.



The name fell calmly from Estelle’s lips, the victory chiming in the air. He had won, she had helped and Yuri had come back to her. The fact that such an instability could come back at any time didn’t even come near Estelle’s mind, she was just happy to see the face of a friend once again. Still, despite such relief, the princess could also sense much fatigue in Yuri, something that needed to be remedied.

“Yuri, are you alright? How are you feeling?” she asked softly.

It was odd. He felt the layer of red dissipate from his vision, presenting his dear friend in the light in which she was meant to be. But even still, Yuri didn’t feel relief shower over his system just yet. He felt strained, tension still rippling throughout his body, making him feel utterly sick with exhaustion. He couldn’t trust himself just yet, not until meeting the princess’ gaze would bring composure rather than the opposite. With this in mind, however, Yuri realized he had been given a brief opening to get her away from him. Yes, as far away as possible, before he’d see nothing but crimson again. Perhaps people could be sent to apprehend him, make time and find a way to reverse this madness. Or if not…

Yuri shuddered at the thought. He wasn’t planning on dying anytime soon. But if he was to be reduced to merely a killing machine, which only reason for functioning was to paint the world with blood, then there was little choice, was there? Sadly, in this state, he was unable to work his mind for a solution, and so these were the only options gracing his weakened ability.

Looking back to Estelle, he neglected to respond to her question, thinking it of imperative gravity to tell her of this quickly—

… But why the rush?

He didn’t really see why they would need to say good-bye so soon. The two had barely been able to spend some time together, and it was up to Yuri to see to it that she was being well taken care of… right?

His expression a change alikened to that of night and day, Yuri developed a twisted grin as his hands made a swift journey to wrap their fingers around Estelle’s throat, immediately pressing against it with purpose. It would take more than words to salvage this creature’s sanity.

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Discover the Mt Temza. II ellemel-mata and shades-of-orchid


Obviously, She worries and wonders about the health of her new rescuer. Risked by everything the means his life to save from it an other one is a great and honorable gesture from him. Such a vaillant and vigilante knight, he skips out any danger to save people. This strength of character is very admirable, even the child is.. Let’s say ‘fallen under the charm’. Someday, perhaps the fortune will turn and give to Elle the adequate skills to help her friends — To be honest, she have the power to save any people. Real persons and Alternative self — Capacities multiplied by the pocket watch, last memory of her father.

Taking a step backward, Elle assures herself to not be inside the battlefield orchestrated by the aerien monster and the swordsman — Falling at this height of cliff may be dangerous and mortal. One wrong gesture, and it’s directly a bad end for the little girl, a conclusion that she doesn’t want. Flying over majestically the azure heavens, she has to analyze the points of the opponent, as she does usually before telling some advices or clues to help fighters to taking the advantage of one situation. Breathing deeply, the little female approaches the area carefully, avoiding to be affected on any part about her body by an attack or arte. Moment of intense stress, her lips shivering progressively not because with the wind or the atmosphere but the fear. Fear to receive a hit on a critique zone. Not the first time when Elle play with her life and the enemy, more exactly the death. Deal with it, she’s not going to run away and watch Yuri fight alone with only his strength as ally.

Something wasn’t expected. Why a humid air come at this crucial moment? Fog Doesn’t dissipate, at least not very quickly unfortunately. The balance tilts wrong way, once again although this handicap did not sharp the blonde or to increase her rate of danger already in a red level. One problem, however. Impossible to distinguish something or a silhouette through this thick foggy smoke. Reflexes obligatory, Elle closes promptly her eyes,

Protecting herself, she uses her arms like a shield from any presences, friendly or not. The restricted view and the senses locked, how to recognize the good and evil? Inwardly her voice curses that monster and this arena inappropriate. Instinct is the last Sensation and murmur in which she can place her last fragment representing the composure.



Called out the voice with a tone half-desperate. Yeah, it’s really him, She can now discern him a little better with the progressive disappearance of the mist. Sounds are skinned, shot under the white void which creating a gap between both humans. As a message of help or plea, Elle’s watch draws a faint spot of light, indicating out of the smoke the position of the child after hearing the silent prayers of its owner, not wishing that a threat cuts off the young life of the kid.

Waving arms up to the sky, she tries to catch up Yuri’s attention. Her weeps can’t be hearing, And compared with the voice, this one is too much plundered to emit an audible and correct sound. Does she lost her composure already? Yes, she was. Nobody is on her side to protect her. Nor Ludger, Jude and Yuri. Solitude follows her back.


That this thicket of mist wouldn’t be able to cloud his other senses was a dangerous assumption, one Yuri had wanted to consider due to the urgency illustrated by the menacing dive of the aerial offendor. But as his first step upon descending to the lower level had resulted in his foot catching a breath of air over the edge, it would seem an overabundance of caution was in order. Even still, the vigilante was beginning to see leftover feathers spread across whatever ground his vision could cover, suggesting that the birdlike creature had made it this way and perhaps landed. Pulling himself back from the precipitous periphery, Yuri backed up towards a wall and hurried along by pressing against it.

He stopped for a moment, focusing his perception and listening. Would he need to call out to her again? If she had replied, the winds had long drowned it out and Yuri hadn’t captured it. Or perhaps she hadn’t, and the situaton had worsened considerably. Even through this monster of a fog, would that beast know without a doubt where Elle’s scent emanated from? Had it been able to reach her? Seeing as the surroundings made it near impossible to tell even where the enemy was, Yuri had no way to discern it unless he’d somehow make it over there, and he wasn’t even certain if he was making any progress or not.

Biting down, a groan of exasperation slipped out of the vigilante as he attempted to keep his composure in check. Anger and regret started spilling into his system and they were rather unwanted emotions at this point. Had he been the overconfident child once more, or had he truly known what he was doing? Had it simply been a chance meeting with nature, or did the mistake lie with Yuri? Either way, he had brought Elle this far, and he’d be damned if he wouldn’t see it through. He refused with every fiber of his being not to protect her as an internal promise had stated.

Yuri’s thoughts were then interrupted due to a sudden shriek, severely recognizable as one previously echoed throughout the mountain. It was the monster, dangerously nearby. Had there been any doubts about the matter, they were soon relinquished as the violent gust of air sending Yuri clutching to the stone wall implied its wings keeping it from falling. If it had ascended once more, there was still time to find Elle - unless she had already been discovered prior to this repeated encounter. And so he tried again, to reach her, to make it known that he was on his way, even with the risk that the monster could hear him. Yuri would lie if he hadn’t taken this into consideration, however, rather hoping that his voice would entice it. For if he played his cards right and got away in time, it would send the beast flying straight into the wall.

Calling the girl’s name again, Yuri felt it submerge into the depths of the mist and the winds accompanying it, but he also heard another shriek follow it closely. Leaving no time for guesswork, he moved away from his current position, commanding the threads of his body meticulously so as not to step outside of another edge and fall to his doom.

There was a light. As soon as Yuri turned his eyes up to see after his sprint, it reached him strongly, the weak silhouette of a familiar girl breaking through the clouds due to its assistance. Raising his brows in equal relief and surprise, Yuri made to jump over to her side, but was sent to his feet at the rushing shake of a tremor. It likely indicated the bird ramming headfirst into the rock, but it also meant the place had been subjected to quite a lot of rumbling. This could bad.



One more cry, hoping to reach her, before Yuri let go of his safety and leapt to her location, immediately wrapping an arm around her as his knee hit the ground, pulling her close in anticipation for the next ripple in the earth.

"It’s okay", Yuri said softly inbetween his gasps for air. "You’ll be okay."

Haze (Open RP)


A slight grin had formed at Yuri’s words. A silent one, but in a way, just that alone atoned for the absence of words, feeling the room with tender feelings, as if they spread across the area. Or at least for him they did. Yuri was good at concealing things, almost a bit too good. When the worst came to worst, Yuri took things head on. Raven however…

Well, the fact that he was an absolute mess was no mystery to anyone he had dared to let in that far. Of course, only one observer to the fact remained to this day, and the two of them were now sitting back to back once again. Feeling the aches in his back as he sat over hunched, looking at a picture of old times, he slid it in the drawer and tucked those memories away once again. Bringing himself back to the previous position, he just sat there in silence for a few more moments.

But with the hazy silence came the ill feeling again. A tightening in his chest partnered with a fever that still raged on, it only began to feel worse. Soon enough, even though he was propped against the other, he began to feel his consciousness slip away rather slowly. His eyelids grew heavier by the moment… And soon enough, he fell into his pillow, breathing faintly as he passed into darkness for the moment.

Having accompanied himself into his own thoughts, Yuri hadn’t realized the room had taken the hand of silence once more, until he felt the warmth extended from the old man’s body slip away, the sound of a muffled thud closely following. The youth turned briefly to look, having grown accustomed to the darkness enveloping the room at this point, narrowing his eyes into a somewhat worn smile at the sight of the other diving into sleep already. On the account of his sickly state, however, he surely needed it, and so Yuri didn’t bother waking him up. But at the same time, there was little comfort in simply walking away and leaving him alone, causing the vigilante to stay there with him, observing the mess spread out across the place one more time.

When left alone with his mind, these things of seemingly no value scattered on the floor and shelves carried a certain odd interest. As if seeing a life before him that Yuri had been unaware of, a person waking up every day for a purpose and going back to sleep at night, dreaming of the next. Who was this person? Who had he been? Who had he wanted to become, before something had flooded his prospects and left him to rot? No longer moving forward, dreaming of yesterday at night while spending the day reclaiming a purpose lost.

The depths Yuri’s thoughts were taking him too proved to be rather overwhelming, tiring him out quicker than imagined. For a moment, he simply remained in the same position, sorting out and discerning whatever material had been birthed in the web of his consciousness. But after a while, he figured it wouldn’t hurt if he got some rest himself, a measure against this strip of broken film playing beneath his eyelids. Making sure that it wouldn’t wake the sleeping Raven, he lay down on the bed beside him, keeping on his side and propping his head up with his available arm. It took several hours before he was finally allowed to drift off, but by then, Yuri wasn’t sure what had become of his state of mind.

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There wasn’t anything out there that was more nerve-wracking than this. He felt himself shaking, and if the ground wasn’t there, holding him close, he surely would have fallen to his knees. His mouth went dry, and he was forcing tears back already, merely thinking of the subject he was about to admit. Surely Yuri wouldn’t turn and just leave him there, but there was always a chance something could go wrong. Something could happen, and the other might tell him something he couldn’t handle.

And that would shatter Raven.

Opening up to people was already dangerous business. It meant having to deal with the reality that people could — no eventually would — reject you in some way or another. But, he already asked Yuri to put him out, and the man already knew of what kept his body running for quite some while… Telling him that the inevitable was about to happen, that his time was already up and he just wanted to speed it along for the sake of not suffering any further, well… What else could possibly go wrong at the moment? What could the other do to hurt him? The most he could do is just turn his back on the old man forever, leaving him to his own vices…

But at this point, all he could do was intake grief and let it break him further. All he was at the moment was a downward spiral. And any disaster would just help push him further along the way. So, there was truly nothing left to lose…

He swallowed as the seconds continued to pass by slowly. Each one felt like an eternity. And truthfully, he’d rather just let the time pass, and not say anything at all. But he opened his mouth to say something. Now the other was going to expect him to reply in turn. Things were down to the wire. It was just easier to  blurt it out, not sugar coating it, making it seem like some great thing, or perhaps not so great thing. But it had to be said.

Taking a sharp inhale, he began preparing himself yet again, sitting up from the floor. He didn’t know if he wanted to face Yuri or not. It’d be easier to just avoid all eye contact until he came to process it… But it would be because of that, Yuri would want to see him head on. So for the sake of things, he stared right at the other, and began his little speech, not quite sure where he was going to take it… All that mattered was that last bit. That tiny little speck of information that he could not afford to leave out.

“‘M guessin’ it’s just better t’ say it straight out. Dressin’ it up with all these fancy words ain’t gonna get me anywhere, and ‘m sure ya know what ‘mma say anyway…” He was stalling already. That was just great. He couldn’t even say it when he tried. He swallowed and closed his eyes before opening. He broke eye contact, just looking at the floor. Tears began spilling out, and he was getting more and more nervous as he continued. This wasn’t the Raven that everyone knew.

This was the true “Raven,” or perhaps just remnants of “Damuron.” Either way, no matter what the name was. This was his very being, his core. This was what it was like when his mask came off. There was nothing but ugliness and uncertainty. Finally, he continued. “Ya know, ‘ts kinda weird, gettin’ upset ‘bout it. I mean, I expected it ta come all this time ya know… I guess I just didn’t expect th’ rest ‘f ya in m’ life…” And so, he continued to stray further and further, trying his best to hold himself together as he muttered everything, barely audible.

“Guess ya could say I wouldn’t ‘ve asked ya t’ put me down if m’ time wasn’t up already. Crummy last reunion, ain’t it?”

He did it, he spat it out. And despite just wanting to collapse on the other and sit there and sob violently, about everything that had been taken from him in this life, all he could do was meet the other’s onlooking gaze with a tear stained smile. How the other took in this information wasn’t anything he could control. Either good or bad could happen. This was out of his hands. All he could do was wait…

Although right about now, he needed more than a drink. Perhaps another punch in the face and a return to “normalcy” was in need. For Yuri to just say “that’s okay” and forget all about it, spending his last days with each other, until it was finally time to let go, hoping he wouldn’t mention it to another soul until the event had passed.

For now, it was a secret between him, the vigilante, and the tree of Halure.

The velveteen blanket of petals seemed to only resume their fastidious dance when silence ruled the air, as if holding their breaths solicitiously each time a voice joined with the breeze. And Yuri could feel their tension, sharing in the worry while betraying his seemingly effortless exterior of indifference, the inertia displayed by the other beginning to infect even him in some angles. But he said nothing to instigate, nothing to give the old man more reasons to shut his mouth and close himself off with a laughter Yuri would never believe in. He simply listened, the very sound of the wind not allowed past their defense, an invisible barrier raised to envelop the two in this timely reunion.

As soon as those words reached the other side, Yuri closed his eyes and inhaled, attempting to quench the sudden ignition of thoughts and words searing through his chest. His eyebrows were somewhat lowered, implying how little he approved of this and reminiscent of the collision between Raven’s face and his own right hand. There were so many things he wanted to say to this statement, so much he wanted to drill into his companion’s skull, but even as his impulses stung like poison from his fiery side, Yuri also had a sensible side. One that understood, coped and viewed things from a logical perspective. Inwardly, he could feel these two sides of he same coin readying for combat, knowing from the beginning which would win - even his sensible side was searching for routes, alternate ways to mend the wound.

So what could he say, other than portraying his utter disgust for this concept? Yuri would die one day as well. Not as soon. But he would. But when that day would arrive, he wasn’t planning on spending it as if he was already covered in soil and mourned. Although, looking back to Raven now, Yuri knew that words, of whichever inspiring nature, would not be enough. It wouldn’t prevent the impending demise, nor would it save his friend. It was only good for altering attitudes, of which Yuri found himself somewhat lacking at this time anyway. But Raven didn’t know this, and so the youth contemplated whether or not he should act as expected. Yes… That would be more like him, would it not? A solemn face didn’t suit the vigilante’s style, especially not with the state of his company. Someone would need to brighten the place up, make it known that everything could be as usual, even now. Even as the soft, casual smile spreading on Yuri’s face did nothing to reflect what had been forced behind bars beneath.

Yuri brushed off his knees, sending sprinkles of petals flying a short distance before they were again put to rest. He finally exhaled, directing his attention to Raven once more and offering that smile to him.

"Well, you are old. Doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun before you keel over, am I right?”

His insides twisted around, pain making itself known where it needn’t.

"And even if you don’t… you’re alive now."

And now was the only time that mattered.